integrated, interdisciplinary training


Hissho-ryu kenpo-jujitsu

The “Prevail System” of Hisshou-Ryu Kenpo JuJitsu is a dynamic Mixed Martial Arts system that focuses on Self Defense and combines JuJitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Reality Based Self Defense, and Meditation with study of the historical, cultural, and philosophical dimensions of the martial arts.



Our Kickboxing classes are a dynamic blend of Muay Thai, Boxing, American Kickboxing, and Savate. We focus on training competent strikers rather than specific stylists and encourage our students to develop a kickboxing game that reflects their personality and individual characteristics. We focus on padwork combinations, footwork, and partner drills.


brazilian jiu-jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling art developed by the Gracie family in Brazil from the roots of Japanese JuJitsu and Judo. It uses positioning and leverage to control and submit an opponent with chokes and joint locks. It is a safe, fun, and very practical martial art that is a cornerstone of the modern martial artist’s foundation of skill.


reality-based self defense

Prevail Defensive Tactics is our proprietary RBSD system. This is  “Intelligent Personal Protection for Responsible Citizens.” We teach awareness, avoidance, threat detection, and violence dynamics alsongside high-percentage, gross motor-skill physical technique that is replicable under the stress of assault.



Meditation is an integral part of our training environment at Prevail. It develops awareness, calmness, stress management, focus, and concentration. It also encourages the development of new neural pathways and allows technique to be learned and internalized more effectively.



Our Yoga classes are a calming and soulful journey of self examination, physical maintenance, flexibility, and mindfulness that keep you flexible, strong, and calm amidst the world.

our approach

At Prevail, we offer a wide variety of martial disciplines to meet a broad range of goals. All of our classes are taught in a modern, dynamic training environment that focuses on functional application and safety while emphasizing Control, Fluidity of Movement, and Flexibility of Thinking. We teach using a comparative approach: Encouraging students to ask questions and understand the strengths and weakness of different techniques and approaches within certain contexts.

Our classes are for ages 13 and up, from beginners to advanced martial artists. Beginners are given basic technique and appropriately coached at their level by a senior mentor, while advanced students work longer and more dynamic combinations and techniques. This allows new students to see and model the movement and ideas of experienced martial artists while allowing the senior students the opportunity to mentor and nurture the progress of beginners.

Our classes begin with a warm up and stretch, followed by a brief discussion outlining the class curriculum. We then drill a series of movements and techniques to develop skill, apply those techniques using a practical, controlled exercise, and then finish with a “Mat-Chat” and a short period of mindfulness meditation.