our lineages

At Prevail, we pride ourselves on having authentic and genuine lineages that are not only broad, but deep as well. We bring a diverse set of influences and a far reaching network of relationships. together under the same roof. The teachers listed below are core teachers of Sensei Richard as well as regular contributors to the curriculum at Prevail.


Terry Dow

kickboxing, kempo, integrated arts

Master Instructor Terry Dow is a staple of the New England martial arts community and host of the annual Martial Arts Symposium. Among his many degrees, he is a 7th Degree “Superfoot System” black belt and 5th Degree Kempo black belt. He operates The Training Station in Manchester NH.


Leigh Rossi

Checkmate JuJitsu, Integrated Arts

Master Instructor Leigh Rossi is the owner and head instructor at CheckMate Martial Arts in Manchester, NH. He holds 5th Degree Black Belts in JuJitsu under Prof. Dave Castoldi, JuJitsu America, and Small Cirlce JuJitsu. He teaches a dynamic blend of arts forcused on self defense and defensive tactics.


Tom Callos

The100, the Ultimate Black Belt Test

Coach Tom Callos is a lifelong martial artist, industry consultant, and mad-scientist. He is the originator of the UBBT, The Alabama Project, and his professional network, The100. You can find him and his portfolio at TomCallos.com


Kevin Watson

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Professor Kevin Watson is a lifetime martial artist and First Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt in the Carlson Gracie Lineage under Marcelo Alsono. He owns and runs Kevin Watson BJJ in Dover, NH.


Rick Alford

Kickboxing, MMA, Self Defense, Integrated Arts

Shihan Rick Alford owns and runs Defensive Edge in Wakefield, Mass. He is a truly ecclectic modern martial artist with multiple 5th degree rankings, inlcuding Joe Lewis Fighting Systems, Small Circle JuJitsu, and Lysak’s iCAT self defense systems.


Kru john johnston

Muay Thai

Kru John Johnston is one of the most accomplished MMA fighters and teachers in New England. A long time student of Kru Mark DellaGrotte and Team Sityodtong as well as coach and trainer of UFC fighters, he retired from MMA undefeated as the CES Heavyweight Champion. He now owns and runs Ironclad Martial Arts in Wilmington, MA.


Rory Miller

Self Defense, Principle Based Teaching

Rory Miller is the author of many books on self defense including “Meditations on Violence”, “Facing Violence”, and “Force Decisions”. He runs Chiron Training at www.chirontraining.com


Robb Buckland

Kickboxing, Self Defense, Integrated Arts

Kyoshi Robb Buckland owns and runs Fearless Family Martial Arts in Wells, ME. He is a longtime student of the late Joe Lewis, and holds multiple Master Instructorships and Black Belts.