our mission

Our primary mission is to empower our students with the physical and mental fitness, confidence, self-awareness, and emotional balance that comes with martial arts training. We do this by offering a unique, high quality experience in a welcoming, friendly, and non-competitive environment specializing in reality-based training for adults and teens.


Prevail is a private, independently owned and operated martial arts club and meditation center. We are a dedicated group of highly trained and experienced professionals who believe in offering an intelligent and empowering learning experience. Our programs use an integrated, interdisciplinary approach that incorporates fitness, flexibility, physical technique, dynamic skill building, meditation, and functional knowledge in an holistic methodology.

our philosophy

The word “Dojo” literally means “place of the way” and refers to an environment where practitioners strive to achieve goals that are extraordinary. Our training hall is not just a gym: It is an educational institution for those who are looking for a deeper and more meaningful way to engage their continuing education and fitness regimen. It is a special place where we are allowed to let go of the superficial concerns of conventional life and pursue an endeavor that requires us to continually strive for personal betterment and constant growth.

Our classes are designed to be accessible to everyone, while at the same time providing a challenging and deeply rewarding experience for those seeking a physical and mental journey unlike any other. We believe that Martial Arts training should be creative and fun, offering the student not only the opportunity to learn, but to explore, discover, and create for themselves. As such, we have structured our curriculum and course offerings to give not only a well-rounded martial arts training regimen, but an open-ended training environment that allows for individual exploration and creative expression in the student’s progression through the arts.